You breathe from a garden in your neck

At the request of Judith Jockel, I have written and compiled a text for her book You breathe from a garden in your neck.

The book serves as memorial for her best friend, artist and photographer Mieke Van de Voort, who passed away in 2011. Subsequently, Judith came into possession of Mieke’s 8×10 inch Cambo, a heavy analogue large format field camera. Since then, Judith has used this camera to take photographs of the small garden adjoining the studio that she and Mieke shared for many years.
____While framing shots, Judith took care to use a point of view that doesn’t reveal any walls or other urban elements. The roses that she captured are caught in large aperture. Amid their blurry environment, the isolation and focus give character to each flower.
____Because the bellows of the camera is old and damaged, tiny holes add an uncontrollable amount of light to the projection. The image fades. Flares appear and modify the photo. Bright and ablaze the rays of light playfully go their own way. But something dark, too, lies in wait in the shadows: an awareness that things are vulnerable and transitory.
____The faulty entry of light makes the photographic technique play a role in the image: the camera becomes visible, without us actually seeing it. At the same time, this entry of light suggests a notion of the afterlife and of gazing into this tattered, almost transparent body.

Book launch: Sunday, October 2, 2016, 16h00, Smitstraat 24 hs, Amsterdam.

You breathe from a garden in your neck
; photography: Judith Jockel; design and editing: Hans Gremmen; text (selection and writing): Raymond Frenken; publisher: Fw:Books; 2016; distribution: Idea Books; ISBN 978-94-90119-44-7; ORDER

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